Workflow logistics

Workflow logistics are often the most complex to deal with in the production process, at least when it comes to the efforts that are being made to bring these processes online. However, the most recent innovations in this area aim to save business time and therefore money in the production process. Having acquired SSD (Standard Sewing Data) software rights from AJ Consultants, Finland, prominent garment industry software provider DataS has just launched its  website, which it said incorporates all of the standard data elements set with predetermined time values from SSD, including the MTM-2 database and now is available for everyone as a more cost-effective, intuitive web-based service, extended with social manufacturing features. With timeSSD, DataS is endeavouring to benchmark data for efficiency control and incentive payroll in labour intensive industries, especially in garment manufacturing. However, the platform is also collaborative, where the user develops private working methods and workflows and has the possibility to share them with the selected partners.

Laszlo Szabo, managing director of DataS said: “A shared workflow, based on standard methods, between the client and the manufacturer means more than transparency and confidence. The manufacturing price discussion could be limited to the price / minute factor, maybe on necessary equipment, in addition. Likewise, the web-based collaborative concept equip the manufacturing consultants with their indispensable tool, available anywhere and anytime, as a service.”

timeSSD has a native connection with the GPD – General Production Data – shop floor control and materials requirement planning software solution, developed by DataS. The GPD’s QR code-based, real-time, data collection from the shop floor provides the data sets for the self-measurement based time studies as feed-back for the method engineers.

Another business looking to enable online tracking of the production workflow is WIPtracks. Its Work in Progress Tracking System (WIP) is a hybrid web-based system that connects business process management with measurement of the direct labour on the production line. The company said that WIP incorporates: planning; employee management; shift and break management; management of product lines; management of operators and operations; as well as providing real-time reports on operator and machine effectiveness.

The technology is said to save businesses 7-10% of expenditure.

(source : IoTex Magazin 2/2017)