Focus on the Essence in the RMG sector


We have the meetings and seminars planned between March 14 – 18, 2018, in the  world’s second garment exporter country’s capital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  We apologize the representatives of the RMG companies who invited us for the timeSSD®  and GPD presentations but forced by the already full schedule we could not accept all of them.

For the professionals and decision makers we are organizing the “Focus on the Essence in the RMG sector” open technical seminar on March 16, in two sessions (morning and afternoon).

Location : Surma Hall , Hotel Marino Royal, Sector 3, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka.

Contact : Joel Boidya, Hosanna Resources, tel. +880 188 461 461 1, e-mail: .

Led by our vision “The World with fair concern to resources”, we would like to share during the seminar the novelty approaches of the PMTS with timeSSD® :

  • How to pay less for your relevant data ?

          No investment , no implementing, no user license, no maintenance fee but ready to use for everybody, from anywhere.

  • Agility of work in manufacturing, but in decisions and negotiations ?

Collaborate and share your data … with a click. Guard the time resource and increase the confidence.

  • Where we are ?

But compared to what ?

… and we want to hear you. We want to provide you with those software tools with which you increase the added value, you generate incentives for the employees and you achieve better customer satisfaction.