“ … how ‘anyone’ can use timeSSD® solution without any training? “


“… Till date an atmosphere exists that learning of PMTS is very tough and to use the PMTS software, one must go through a formal training by the PMTS solution provider. Another important and interesting fact is that any individual can’t get himself/herself trained in any of the commercially available PMTS solutions (as the training can’t happen without buying the software, and the software is too costly for an individual to buy). These compound the reasons behind low adoption of PMTS system in South East Asia. In a departure to this age-old thinking, an interesting experiment was carried out recently using timeSSD®, a standard time data system, with Bachelor’s and Master’s students from NIFT across multiple campuses participating in the month-long experiment.

DataS is a Romania based PMTS solution provider offering its timeSSD® solution on cloud in SaaS model. The basic data code is same as the old time-tested SSD PMTS solution from Finland for apparel industry. Any user (anywhere in the world) can register and buy the credit and use it to analyze any sewing operation and calculate its standard minutes. The catch-line is ‘Any user’, while the existing industry understanding says that to use any commercial PMTS solution one has to go through rigorous training, how ‘anyone’ can use timeSSD solution without any training? …”

Full article : https://apparelresources.com/management-news/production/pmts-simplified-students-crack-code/