Apparel Labor Costing from home – IE support by timeSSD® for prevention of COVID-19


As prevention steps against the Coronavirus the travels are more and more restricted in different countries like Italy, Iran, China and others. Schools, institutes, factories, offices are closed and where is possible is recommended for the employees to work from home.

The apparel sector isn’t it an exception, the fashion businesses are / could be forced to shut down their operations.

timeSSD® with its Cloud based and “pay as you go” novelty approach offering the help and support for any labor costing solution customer to simply register and use it.

The IEs can develop the methods and operation bulletins using a browser, from anywhere with internet connection.

The manufacturers and brands could continue their production planning and product development even in case they consider more safety for the employees to stay home. The timeSSD® platform assures the data sharing also for the necessary collaboration and price bargains.

Our technology allows to provide the necessary help during these unpredictable times, and we want to give the possibility for our industry partners to run the business remotely.