Realize the catch: Visualize the motions


A common timeSSD® experiment started on June 14, 2018, with the participation of more than 200 students with ID (NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Technology), India, based on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Prabir Jana.

Within the planned 30 days each student in internship will conduct time studies on operations from the shop floor and separate analysis with timeSSD® on the video captures.

The experiment provides an exercising tool for the students to perform in visualizing the motions and theory learnt is put in to practice.

As developers of the system, we are looking to learn from this experiment about how necessary is to have a user training (the students were never trained in timeSSD®).

Also, suggestions for increasing the user satisfaction are expected.

The focus of the design of timeSSD® was to create a cost effective, user license free, zero invests, easy to understand, simply to use, collaborative PMTS.

In few weeks after the experiment ends the synthetized results, regarding the timeSSD® performances, will be published.