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Providing software solutions in the garment industry since 1992

Company Profile

Our scope is to provide at the right time the relevant information, necessary for the correct decision.

Astailor Shine develops and delivers integrated software solutions for the garment industry.

timeSSD® is the Industry 4.0 ready, collaborative, cloud based, Predetermined Time Standards software solution to quantify the manufacturing time accurately in a scientific manner.

Company History

Since 1992 the DataS software solutions supports the productivity improvement, processing cost control and quality assurance in the clothing industry.
The development of timeSSD® started in 1982, being used worldwide by thousands of professionals in Industrial Engineering and Costing departments.

  • Operations

    A growing regional leader in the global market of the apparel sector’s dedicated software solutions.
    Execution time benchmarking, shop floor control, garment treatment recipe management, inventory, material requirements planning, direct cost control and statistical process control are part of our core developments.
    The project based implementing process includes manufacturing consulting, software customization, user training, maintenance and on-line support.


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