Scientific Work Measurement tool with International Standard Time database

timeSSD® is a standard time data system for labor-intensive industries with special focus on sewing industry and integrated social manufacturing features.

  • Efficient, secure, profitable

    • Celerity : 12–20 minute analysis of one working minute.
    • Accuracy : Accurate time, clear method, structured workflow.
    • Benchmark : SAM provided are the right basis for planning, efficiency control and payroll applications.
    • Cost saving : No investment, no infrastructure, no implementing, no maintenance fee.
    • Multilanguage.



  • Focus on the essence

    • Fast method development based on the predetermined element sets for all manual and tool assisted jobs, including the sewing.
    • Just register and use it from the browser, no limit on the number of the users, no access key necessary.
    • Embedded social manufacturing features by method and workflow sharing with partners. No paper need, no e-mail necessary.