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timeSSD®- 2nd  student contest results

The evaluation of the submitted works for the 2nd Student Contest – 2019, timeSSD®, are ready.

Organized with the aim to compete in motion – time analysis for labor content benchmarking we think that the following quote from a participant reflects the actuality and the reason of the contest:

 “… I realized though things seem to be perfect in the industry and you can think that because are performed for years under the guidance of experts. But  they are not and there is always a scope of improvement in it…”

Interesting to compare the student’s ascertainment with the latest observation from the “WhichPLM Buyer’s Guide 2019” :

As compelling a value proposition as that seems, though, synthetic costing and other Bill of Labor solutions are not yet fully mainstream – although we expect this to change very soon because of two major drivers: constricting profit margins, and consumer appetites for ethical sourcing and manufacturing.”

We are thankful to all the students who have subscribed and performed the contest, we would like to thank for the submitted feedbacks, including the criticism. All of this makes us stronger and better prepared for the next year’s edition.

It’s our pleasure to announce and congratulate the following top three students:

  1. Neetu Saini                      NIFT – Kangra, BFT
  2. Swati Joshi                      NIFT – Gandhinagar, BFT
  3. Ameesha Goel                 NIFT – Hyderabad, BFT

We would like to show our recognition and we are glad to mention the following students as very close performers to the top :

  • Anushka Girdhar                NIFT – Bengaluru, BFT
  • Tannishtha Maherda          NIFT – New Delhi, BFT
  • Aashish Kumar                  NIFT – New Delhi, FT

Total 28 students subscribed out of which 17 students submitted their work.  

The submitted developed methods and linked videos were analyzed in first step by the technical team of the organizers, followed by the supervision of Mr. Marton Czira – REFA certified, experimented timeSSD® consultant.

The difference between the points obtained on the first place and on the sixth place is 35%.

The evaluation criteria’s, in order of importance, were : Accuracy of the developed method, Complexity of the operation, Style of communication, Quality of the documentation.

The idea of the first contest, in 2018, it’s coming from Prof. Dr. Prabir Jana.