Standard Time and Methods Development module in GPD

With the start of the acquisition (in December 2016) of all and exclusive rights of the industry standard SSD (Standard Sewing Data) software from AJ Consultants the new module development of the GPD it’s started.

The GPD’s SSD module integrate the full functionalities of the software acquired including the data sets of SSD, SWD (Standard Work Data) and SFD (Standard Finishing Data).

As a result of the SSD integration the GPD’s capabilities increase considerable with the standard time (SAM / SMV) provided and methods development tools adding to the existing functionalities (capacity planning, efficiency tracking, payroll, quality assurance, real-time data capturing, order following, BOM, inventory and direct costs control).

So the GPD include the MTM2 (Methods-Time Measurement), SSD, SWD and SFD databases in order to provide from the start the users with the worldwide accepted standard execution times.