Tanex – with production units in Bucharest and Valenii de Munte

“Tanex” – the production units in Bucharest and Valenii de Munte – uses GPD for managing the received orders, the inventory management, the calculation of the required materials, issuing and tracking of raw materials and accessories supply orders, editing the workflows, definition of the production packages and printing the related identification labels, tracking the machines’ operators efficiency and their corresponding payment.
The GPD is used to edit the Intrastat reports by importing the data from the import invoices (for the entry statements) and from the export invoices (for the exit statements) already existing in the system. With GPD the breakdowns referring to the products and orders expenses are created, the stocks are optimized, the finished products storage and delivery is unfolded, and the post-calculation of the orders’ profitability costs and analysis is carried out.
The system implemented on the Bucharest server is used through VPN connection from Valenii de Munte.