In The Wind of Innovation, KTU – timeSSD®


Kaunas University of Technology – Lithuania selected timeSSD® solution to provide the students from the bachelor and master study programs in Fashion engineering with working method development skills.

KTU students will acquire knowledge’s in timeSSD near to Gerber Technology, Lectra, Comtense, each solution as part of the digitization process in apparel manufacturing.

Practice with timeSSD means a collaboration platform in the Cloud between professors and students, including the internship time as well.

timeSSD® is the only Worldwide available, license free, accurate labor costing software for sewing products. Contributes to the sustainable fashion production by the developed items sharing feature as part of the transparency between partners and a very cost-effective “pay as you go” pricing.

The knowledge accumulated with timeSSD® offers a competitive advantage for the new engineers from KTU as timeSSD is available to use immediately, without formalities, in any company where they will have their jobs.