timeSSD® , the tool for training the future technicians from India

“Dialog Textil” magazine no. 11/2019

 by Amelia TURP-BALAZS


The timeSSD® software, developed by DataS from Targu Secuiesc, has recently become a tool of study and practice for hundreds of students from textiles faculties from different corners of the world.

The founder of the software, Laszlo Szabo, said to “Dialog  Textil” magazine that the latest collaboration is with the National Institute of Fashion Technology from India (NIFT), where they will practice on timeSSD® around 400 students from 12 campuses.

timeSSD® is a solution with predefined time standards dedicated to the industries with intensive labor and especially to the garment industry.

Prof. Dr. Prabir Jana from NIFT, India’s first Certified Practitioner in such a system, is familiar with industry-leading PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time System). He was attracted by the novelty and uniqueness of the price construction in case of timeSSD®. As it is a software running from Microsoft Azure Cloud, it can be used with zero investment, without user limits, and the cost of use is proportional to the times used from the database of the predefined motion elements. For example, defining the methods and the operation list for a 20 SAM shirt model the  cost is around 4.80 EUR ”, explains Laszlo Szabo. In addition, if the software is not used then no cost.

Near the Indian students whose use of the software also facilitates a thorough understanding of the theory through direct practice (“learning by doing”), already during the period of study, we know from the DataS representative that timeSSD® is used by the students of the faculty from Iasi, starting from the spring of 2019. In the previous academic years, the old version of the software is used by the textile faculties of Riga and Tallinn, and from Kaunas Technological University (Lithuania) we expect the signed contract to return to us”, says Laszlo Szabo.

In addition, DataS is in discussions with a well-known European fashion institute who wants to introduce in the curricula the timeSSD® soon.

Regarding the implementation at the industry level, the feedback is more favorable from the Asian or African companies, where DataS organizes seminars and webinars with the industrial engineers. Even if the software offers advantages in sustainability and Industry 4.0, with data driven price discussions and increased transparency between partners, through the immediate sharing features of the methods and workflows, in Romania and the countries of Eastern Europe the results are fare from the expectations.

Most of the Romanian garment businesses avoids making any effort, preferring to continue their activity as before, even though the fashion business is changing at an astonishing speed.

Excepting few companies, the rest is waiting for their business to close with incredible stoicism, answering to any initiative with the extraordinary individuality and uniqueness of their production – the mask used to avoid even that minimal effort required for a change. The no available operators’ problem is accepted without any effort, just as it was accepted the soup served in the communist canteen. Doesn’t matter the example of Turkey, where there are higher wages, are not relevant the manufacturing units in Germany with over 120 workers. They haven’t seen and don’t believe, or they have seen and want to forget “(L.S.)

However, despite the problems they face, local producers prefer to go on the already beaten track, without understanding the importance of digitization and Industry 4.0 in a fashion business what is changing at an astonishing speed.

But if it is not based on the local market, it does not mean that the DataS product is lacking in interest. On the contrary, in a globalized world it is marketed internationally. Thus, the last convincing signal is the interest that started to appear from the brands, and DataS is already having discussions regarding this.

The DataS representative considers that the “SAM = money” method is outdated and that there are even cases of factories where they provide additional money to the operators by changing the SAM on certain orders, to result the previously established salaries.

“The use of the SAM as a simple multiplier parameter for money is a bigger mistake than crossing on red at a busy intersection and is a lack of respect for the job and to the workers. How can people in the lines still trust me, when the figure called SAM changes according to interests ”, he asks rhetorically.

And so, like many other products or services which are the fruit of local creativity and intelligence, they get to take the export path, while we complain like in Miorita …